MediaCorp Spot-buy Packages for Channel 5, Channel 8, Channel U & okto


MediaCorp is pleased to introduce the new Easy Value Package which offers a one-stop solution for businesses who wish to advertise on MediaCorp television channels. From as little as $3,900 and up to only $6,800, the package includes free production of a 15-second template ad and 18 spots on our television channels - Channel 5, Channel 8, Channel U or okto.

For advertisers with television ads, they can continue to choose from the following most popular and cost-efficient packages:
• Channel 5 / Channel 8 Flexi Day Package
• Channel 5 / Channel 8 Supper Special Package
• Channel U / okto OPT Package
• Channel 5 / Channel 8 / Channel U Event Ad & Event Ad Plus Packages

In a move to simplify the current slate of packages available and improve efficiency without comprising value offered to advertisers, the following packages will no longer be available from 1 August 2013:
• Easy TV Packages
• Channel 5 / Channel 8 / Channel U Weekend Package
• Channel 5 / Channel 8 Super Value Package
• Channel 8 Breakfast Package
• Channel 8 GMS + News on 8 Package
• Channel 8 / okto Kids Bundle
• okto Value Pack

For more enquiries, please contact our sales representatives today, or call MediaCorp Advertising Enquiries Hotline at 6333 9888.

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