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The Opti-prime screens combines 4Prime, Digital screens (TVC), Digiboard and Digi 6 platforms. Located at 40 high visible hotspots in the city & people hubs in the suburbs, it offers flexibility and variety to reach a wide spectrum of demographics. These platforms allow advertisers to have more impactful ways to communicate with their target audience.

Additionally, it provides consistent engagement from home to out of home with ability to push ads “synchronously” with print & time belt scheduling.

Various platforms in our Opti-Prime screens:

● 4Prime
4Prime static ads are slightly bigger than the typical 4-sheets, providing an affordable medium-sized platform for advertisers to attract audiences within the shelter.

● Digital Screens
Digital Screens (TVC) attract commuters with audio-visual messages in close proximity, keeping them engaged in periods of dull moments. These TVC outdoor extensions make ads more effective with ability to target specific audience vis-à-vis the locality.

● Digiboards
Digiboards are unique platforms with its vivid displays that support zonal activations, using short tag lines as a call-to-action.
Paired alongside Digital Screens, it can reinforce the campaign's message and generate greater localized awareness amongst commuters.

● Digi6
Digi6 screens augment physical 6-sheet posters, and some of the screens support NFC enabled features, breathing life into an otherwise static poster through engaging commuters through interacting with the screens.

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12-sheet Panels

Placed across the back of shelters in the city and key suburban areas, these large format backlit displays attract the attention of passers-by in the...

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2D Flagship

2D Flagships lends an even greater dynamic to your campaign visuals, with our illuminated 2D lightboxes by increasing night time visibility of the...

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3D Flagship

Fully customisable 3D bus shelter rooftops give your advertising campaigns more depth and greater dimension. Located in the heart of Singapore along...

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6-sheet Panels

Stop consumer traffic with eye-catching displays at bus stops island-wide, commanding the attention of commuters and motorists on the road. Our...

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Bus Shelters - In-Shelter Poster

Compact posters placed behind seats at bus shelters reach out to commuters island-wide, providing excellent brand reminders.

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Cinema Advertising

In partnership with Eng Wah Global, advertisers can now engage Mediacorp OOH Media for cinema advertising in WE Cinemas in 321 Clementi. 321...

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Coach Advertising

These “larger-than-life moving billboards” come in a variety of sizes and travel island-wide, ensuring maximum on-the-road brand exposure. They gain...

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Digital Screen - Bugis Street

Known as “the largest street-shopping location in Singapore”, this iconic and historic street sees 1.5 million monthly shoppers, reaching out to...

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Digital Screen - Chinatown Point

Boasting a new and exciting mix of tenants, this 2nd most visited free-access attraction amongst tourists promises to be a huge hit with the bustling...

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