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A 24-hour Chinese news and entertainment channel reputed to be the market leader. It is the most watched homegrown Chinese channel in Singapore, enthralling its audience with high quality locally-produced and acquired programmes.

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Star Awards 2015 红星大奖 2015

Caldecott Hill. Where local entertainment took shape from its modest beginnings. Where talents are nurtured. Stars are born. Achievements...

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Tiger Mum 虎妈来了

Tiger Mum is a light-hearted drama which revolves around a senior prison officer He Xue Mei, whose nickname is ‘Tigress’ due to her stern demeanor and...

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9 Apr-6 May 15, Mon-Fri, 21:00-22:00

Counterfake 2 识货衙门 2

Set in an imperial court with host Guo Liang taking on the role of Justice Bao, variety series Counterfake returns for a second season this April. The...

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2 Apr-18 Jun 15, Thu, 20:30-21:00

It’s A Small World Sr 4 国记交意所

The popular studio-based talkshow series It’s A Small World returns for a fourth season. Set in a class-room, Mark Lee takes on the role of...

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2 Feb-27 Apr 15, Mon, 20:00-21:00


118 is an original 190-episode half-hour socio-drama. Set against the backdrop of a coffeeshop in Tiong Bahru, the drama offers a light-hearted social...

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20 Oct-10 Jul 14, Mon-Fri, 19:30-20:00

Hello Singapore 狮城有约

From 20 October 2014, a new hour-long news and current affairs talkshow Hello Singapore will make its debut on weekday evenings at 6.30pm. The new...

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Morning Express 晨光第一线

Morning Express is a half-hour news programme making its debut on weekday mornings at 9.00am from 1 September 2014. Along with local financial and...

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Frontline 前线追踪

Keeping up with social trends and current affairs, Frontline investigates issues close to Singaporeans’ hearts.

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17 Jan 14-25 Dec 15, Fri, 20:00-20:30

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